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Ring Size

How to measure your ring size

To find the diameter

Using a tape measure or ruler, measure from one side of the ring to the other. Alternatively, measure the width of your finger from the base.

To find the circumference

Take a piece of string or thinly cut piece of paper and wrap it comfortably around the base of your finger. With a pen, mark where the string or paper overlaps, then measure the length with a ruler.

How to measure your partner's ring size

(without them knowing)

Guess (not as crazy as it sounds)

Fingers are proportionate to body type so, If your partner is petite, it’s likely that their hands are smaller and slender. The most average finger size is O-P. If your partner is more petite and slender, try a size J-N. If your partner is above average height and build, try a size Q-U.

Borrow a ring

Take a ring they usually wear on the same finger and use the above method to measure the ring yourself, then use our chart below for an approx size.

Use your own finger

Take a ring they wear and put it on the same finger on your hand. Make a note of where it gets stuck and then use the above method to get a measurement

Size Chart

Sizes are approximate

XS/S = J - L

S/M = L - N

M/L = N - P

L/XL = P - S


  • Diameter

    UK Size H: 14.9mm

    UK Size I: 15.2mm

    UK Size J: 15.5mm

    UK Size K: 15.9mm

    UK Size L: 16.3mm

    UK Size M: 16.6mm

    UK Size N: 17mm

    UK Size O: 17.4mm

    UK Size P: 17.8mm

    UK Size Q: 18.2mm

    UK Size R: 18.7mm

    UK Size S: 19.1mm

    UK Size T: 19.5mm

    UK Size U: 19.9mm

    UK Size V: 20.3mm

    UK Size W: 20.7mm

    UK Size X: 21.1mm

    UK Size Y: 21.5mm

    UK Size Z: 21.9mm

  • Circumference

    UK Size H: 46.8mm
    UK Size I: 48mm
    UK Size J: 48.7mm
    UK Size K: 50mm
    UK Size L: 51.2mm
    UK Size M: 52.5mm
    UK Size N: 53.8mm
    UK Size O: 55.1mm
    UK Size P: 56.3mm
    UK Size Q: 57.6mm
    UK Size R: 58.9mm
    UK Size S: 60.2mm
    UK Size T: 61.4mm
    UK Size U: 62.7mm
    UK Size V: 64mm
    UK Size W: 65.3mm
    UK Size X: 66.6mm
    UK Size Y: 67.8mm
    UK Size Z: 68.5mm

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