About Us

Ambria Jewellery was founded in 2022 by Sarah-Jayne Harry. Based in the United Kingdom, Ambria Jewellery is a small ecommerce store that offers high-quality products for low, affordable prices to all women across the country. We provide Fine Jewellery, as well as Fashion Jewellery, in a variety of styles. So whether you love to glam it up, or make a bold statement, you bet you can find it at Ambria Jewellery.

Our Mission

When you think of luxury jewellery, adorned with precious and semi-precious gems, you can expect to find high prices. At Ambria Jewellery we plan to change that. That's why our mission is simple, to provide luxury jewellery for low, affordable prices that won't break the bank.


Here at Ambria Jewellery, we care about the impact we have on the world. That's why our items are sourced from ethical and sustainable materials that won't harm the planet. The same goes for our packaging too, with recycled materials used for our gift boxes, and sustainble options used in every process of our deliveries. With Ambria Jewellery you can be assured that you are doing your bit for the environment. Click here to see how we are doing our bit for the environment.

You can read more about our ethical standards here.

Meet the Founder

Sarah-Jayne Harry was born and raised in Birkenhead, Merseyside in 1994, before moving to the south coast of Hampshire in her early twenties. It was during these years that Sarah worked as an author, writing and publishing four books and two short stories - as well as working a normal day job in retail - before giving up her writing career to go on to bigger things. At first, Sarah simply wanted a way to earn some extra money. She researched a lot of different ideas before finding the perfect solution. Sarah found the perfect supplier, one of the suppliers Ambria Jewellery uses to this day, which would allow her to buy wholesale jewellery at amazing low prices. Knowing high quality jewellery adorned with semi-precious gems and crystals are often accompanied by high prices, Sarah knew this would allow her to sell high quality jewellery for low, affordable prices. And so, Ambria Jewellery was created, officially opening it's doors on 1st September 2023.